About My Website

This website is a class project for CS222 Web Site Design, Spring Semester 2006 at the Northern Marianas College. It was a wonderful experience learning XHTML and CSS to design this website. However, it was a very tidious task and requires alot of my time to develop it to comply with the project specifications. The enormous quatity of elements, attributes, properties and values that I need to know, has given me quite a challenge but I guess, its part of the learning process, learning to be a Webmaster.

This Website contents a resume page, a topic page, link page of all my classmates websites, and a hyperlink to one of my favorite website on Health. If you are a webmaster, please view my XHTML and CSS codes and feel free to comment so I can continue to improve it.

I will continue to develop this website for purposes of providing information, sharing pictures, and keeping in touch with families and friends staying in the United States, Europe, Canada, and in Asia.

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